Lord of Misrule Script

from RJ Walker

An original stage play written by RJ Walker.

The Lord of Misrule is a hilarious play based on a 200-year-old Christmas tradition. For the holidays, drunken mobs would elect a hobo to be their "Lord of Misrule" the drunken mob would then go to the home of a wealthy person, and if the wealthy person did not give the Lord of Misrule whatever they asked for, the mob would commit mob violence on the wealthy person.

Pastor Lucas Karol has collected millions from his televangelist show, Scriptures Unscripted. The pastor promises that all those who give him money will be blessed by Jesus Christ who will heal their illnesses or free them from poverty. Every year, he capitalizes on the Christmas Spirit during his annual Christmas pageant, stuffing his pockets with donations. This year, however, his show has been taken hostage by a drunken mob and a belligerent leader. If Pastor Karol doesn't put on the Christmas pageant exactly how The Lord of Misrule demands he does, he might find himself ax murdered.

This play was designed as a fundraiser for local homeless shelters. The audience gets a deck of cards with various ridiculous actions the actors have to take as they perform the Christmas pageant. Audience members pair the card they want to play with a donation to the homeless shelter and they are collected and enforced by The Lord of Misrule.

Review of this play: frontrowreviewersutah.com?p=14495

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RJ Walker Salt Lake City, Utah

RJ Walker is a Professional Presenter and Spoken Word artist on Salt Lake City, Utah. "What's a spoken word artist?" you may be thinking. Well, RJ Walker is proficient in multiple mediums of spoken word. Voice Over, Voice Acting, Creative Writing, Storytelling, Stand-Up Comedy, Performance (slam) Poetry. He also has experience as a Pitch Artist, and Product Demonstrator. ... more

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