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from RJ Walker

The 2nd set of 30 writing exercises I've put together is now available for preorder! When you purchase your pre-order, you'll get a 31st bonus exercise for free, immediately after ordering! This bonus exercise is only for those who pre-order, so grab it now! Also, if you have purchased the original 30/30 for $30, it comes with a promo code that will get you $5 off of this one!

This follow-up is going to be a deep dive into technical performance and our relationships with our bodies and environments. We’re going to explore sound poetry, dance poetry, found poetry, dream poetry, phonetics, pantomime, and more. This isn't just for performance poetry, either. Our bodies and it’s many outlets for expression shape the way our writing becomes an outline for expression. We’re going to talk about props, costumes, typography, and poetic form in this series, both on the page and on the stage. The ways in which the poetry is presented greatly affects the context and interpretations of the content. I hope you enjoy this special bonus workshop, which is just for those who pre-order More 30/30 for $30. It will be released and sent to you on April 1st, 2019.

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RJ Walker Salt Lake City, Utah

RJ Walker is a Professional Presenter and Spoken Word artist on Salt Lake City, Utah. "What's a spoken word artist?" you may be thinking. Well, RJ Walker is proficient in multiple mediums of spoken word. Voice Over, Voice Acting, Creative Writing, Storytelling, Stand-Up Comedy, Performance (slam) Poetry. He also has experience as a Pitch Artist, and Product Demonstrator. ... more

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